Emergency Car Tips


Let’s face it. No one enjoys being stranded for 3 hours or even for 30 minutes. Here are essential items to have in your car in the case of an emergency.

Here are some tips to keep in mind and in your car:

  1. Jumper cables
  2. Water : Used to cool an overheated engine.
  3. Lug wrench: Use to remove lugs. If wheel have locks be sure to bring key.
  4. Reflective Triangle: Warns other motorist of accident.
  5. Umbrella: For unexpected rainy days.
  6. First aid kit: Can be used until medical assistance arrives.
  7. Spare tire: Your replacement during a flat or blowout.
  8. Car Jack: Used to lift vehicle to change flat tire. Use owners manual for proper location for the jack.
  9. Cell phone charger: Keeping your phone charged.
  10. Roadside flare: At night flare warns motorist of accident scene.
  11. Poncho: Stay dry during the rain while changing a flat tire.
  12. Owners manual: Great source for locating small car details.
  13. Fix a flat foam spray: Instant puncture repair spray for tires.
  14. A plastic mat: Something to kneel on when changing a flat tire.
  15. Towel: Use to dry your face or hands.
  16. Gloves: Protection for you hands during emergencies.
  17. Tire Gauge: measures air pressure for spare tire.

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